Business Model Innovation

The Innovation Hope – our focus is on successful launch

Ideation/Innovation Process


  • Identification of growth opportunities via (digital and non-digital) innovation strategies as well as hypothesis creation and use case commercialization
  • Creation of new business (models)
  • Optimization of innovation processes (e.g. funnel/gates)

Realization/Launch Management


  • Audit of (new) product launches and support of (new) product development/rapid prototyping
  • Drive new business canvassing/commercialization and roadmapping and define target market position
  • Determine technology; drive process/systems developments
  • Optimize go-to-market strategies; drive ecosystem building

Market Introduction


  • Define market entry strategy and campain
  • Orchestrate customer involvement and feedback & recommendation processes
  • Ensure re-alignment of marketing (7 Ps) & scaling of services
  • Manage adaption of ecosystem and processes